Bachelor party with prostitutes…strippers and who knows what else

Would you let your good looking man to go to a bachelor party surrounded with strippers and prostitutes? I know that answer should be YES and all that drinking and dancing with naked women is just fun and means nothing but nevertheless.

My hubby has been invited to a bachelor party and knowing how most of them turn out I’m reluctant to let him go. I know that’s horrible but I guess I cannot just bare the thought that some naked woman could be dancing on his lap (or all over him) and touching his crotch and not even in my presence..well..NO bloody way. Not that he needs my permission that is or he has never been ‘allowed’ to go out on his own or with his mates, but a bachelor party…in Madrid…

We had our fair share of fun together where a crazy friend of mine nearly had sex in front of me, danced for him, invited him home…another one showed her boobs to him while we’re talking on skype and that just to name a few. It makes a huge difference to do things together than being on your own with your wild friends. Believe me I know.

Some while ago my best friends decided to surprise me for my birthday and took me to a strip club. Well all was interesting and we got a bit tipsy but I will never forget this guy that danced for me and kept ‘hitting’ me with his cock slightly tucked in a elephant looking thong…have to say I didn’t enjoy that. That has been the first and last time as none of my girlfriends ever wanted to have a birthday party in a strip club or a bachelorette party, but who knows.. 🙂


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