Knowing yourself

Every woman is different (I should like to think) but having a good look around I see the same: women all dressed up, hair, nails done, looking in the mirror for hours trying to achieve the possible look and don’t forget the constant shaving, waxing, plucking and God knows how many other painful procedures we all have to through and just to please ourselves? Really? Do you really believe that crap? Let’s just be’s not true (entirely). We all want to be noticed, to be looked at, admired, drooled after, in some cases maybe even become famous for our looks. Don’t tell me you really pay that much attention to your pussy and how much pubic hair you’ve got unless you’ve got a date or you have to go to the gynaecologist. I surely don’t. Not that I’m all bushy down there…au contraire but I’m kind of tired of trying to be liked and to like myself. The two go hand in hand and ideally we should like ourselves for people to like us for it…At least this is in theory but big (if not huge) part in all that plays the other people’s view of us. And yes with age we all become more confident and that is sexy..The more attractive we become more attention we get and that surely boosts our confidence and again and again.  It’s kind of like the egg and the chicken thing…Or you disagree?


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