Are you gay?

bodyAre you gay?..What?? Are you gay? my friend’s six years old son kept asking me…

I don’t know where to begin..Hmmm well, do you know what this word mean I ask, he just nods and waits for me to continue.

What kind of question is that, especially coming from a six years old? Should I laugh and ask him to explain what’s the meaning of the word or just answer any way?

I couldn’t not smile, found it quite funny how the kids can put us in an awkward position or so it seems, so I just said Yes. I’m gay – very happy person. And I felt really happy (gay) in an instant as if I won an imaginary competition. I gave a true answer to an expected question and did not seem embarrassed even the sightless as I am a happy person, but cannot stop thinking: What did he really want to know? Does he know that word has another meaning? Where did he hear it? Did he get the answer he expected??? Hmm..

Well, after that he just smiled back at me and walked off…What? What was that? Sooo, who won then (the imaginary contest that is)? Well, never mind, we both had a smile on the face.




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