Pray for people who hurt you

I don’t know if it’s my Scorpio nature or just me being obsessed with things but I found out that I don’t actually hate people (strongly dislike is as far as I go). I have so much love for the ‘my’ people so the energy needed to hate has somehow transformed and used for more productive things like loving even more. I have no energy and will left in me to hate. Now thinking about it, to hate is just waste of time to say the least and surely doesn’t make me feel any better about myself, not that there aren’t people out there that deserve it but my mind has chosen differently.
A while ago a friend of mine told me that the only way to forgive the people who hurt you is to pray for them, include them in your prayers. I thought that sounded unfair. Why should you even remember them let alone wanting anything good for them when they’ve caused you pain? Well exactly for the same reasons. In your prayers you can raise above all the negative feelings and when you ask for forgiveness you should not be selfish and only ask for your own but for everybody’s. The love will set you free!
I have my own prayer, I pray to God to give us strength, wisdom and patience to deal with the difficulties, to protect us from our own negative thoughts as they are our worst enemies, to unite and multiply my family and help our ‘enemy’ find the right path to forgiveness and become a better person.


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