Love Vs sex

The jealousy seems to be a constant companion in our love life. We women seem to get jealous from any other woman that has been loved by our partner as oppose to men where their first question is: Have you slept with him?
I caught myself thinking exactly that when my partner was discussing his exes. I hardly register all the ones he just had sex with (one night stands, or short ‘dating’) and we laugh together when he tells some funny stories although naturally they all involve having sex with them in the end. But there are some stories where I don’t enjoy simply because they involve women that he loved, although he denies (I am sure for my sake) it, he has never said I am the love of his life. Ok..I know that’s a bit too much but something among these lines.
As shallow as this may sound, I not only want to hear it but want to know that is really the case…Deep inside I have no doubt but like any other woman out there I want to hear it too. Yes, we love with our ears..Seems silly but it’s true.


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