Women know what THEY want

I know on many occasions you find yourself wondering what women want and never seem to get the right answer. I mean, if you ask what they think about something you´ve done it will (most probably) be wrong, or not good enough, or was late or whatever. Asking for advice or opinion before you´ve done something is no better, they will tell you that you should know by now, being a grown up and all. It´s no win situation. All I believe is because we´re unable to judge it from your point of view, simply we DON´T KNOW (or we´re unsure) what do you really think and how you´re reasoning so we can advise you…Confussed? Well, we (the women) too.
We feel that by being asked How would you do it instead?, or What do you think about..? we´ll be judged or appraised and so we get confused and quite frankly scared of what you would you make of it so instead of telling you what we really think (and believe me we think a lot about everything) we just turn it against you. And not to mention that whatever we think is only valid for the moment, for some things we can change our opinion many times even throughout the day. Of course there are exceptions, it depends what and who you are asking but by default there isn´t a better person to do the things you want to do for yourself but you, as there isn´t any other person that knows you better than you alone. We also want to know that we´ve got a man who doesn´t depend on us and our opinion so whatever you feel like doing (unless involves us) just do it and be happy for it, even if it turns out not to the right thing in the long run it doesn´t really matter, it was the right thing at that moment and no one is allowed to judge you for it. Not even us.


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