To marry or not to marry

It seems nowadays marriage is something from the fairy tales, you know where the princess finds her handsome prince on a white horse..Even though we’ve all grow up with these tales less and less people get married but we never seem to stop looking for the prince or his white horse (black Bentley will do too). horse
Thanks to all those TV channels for kids, little girls (especially) have been brainwashed to want and to believe in all those fairy tales so all their life they are on a lookout for Mr Right. No one has ever written anything about real people and real relationship so when the time comes to get married we’ll be prepared and will know for sure that it really means..
I too like so many other out there though I met my ‘prince’, was too young (only 19) to know any better and my parents did not object for long. I don’t blame them for it, it’s how you learn they said. My ‘prince’ turned out my curse only few days after the wedding. Taking refuge by cheating on him countless times was no better. I was feeling betrayed by the whole marriage thing, by him, and day after day it felt like I was digging my own grave. Bulimia, insomnia, name it. Luckily it ended after few years but I was already damaged. I no longer believed in the marriage, real relationship, love…But the time for healing began and in some respects hasn’t finished yet. It took me many years, loads of empty bottles, pills, tablets, helping hands and love from my friends to realise who I really was and start loving myself again.
So when the time came, my real prince found me. He is handsome, loving and caring even though he hasn’t got a white horse and doesn’t live in a castle he is better that any fairly tale because he is REAL.
My advice to you all is to stop looking for Mr (Miss) Right as you’ve picture it from your childhood and start getting to know yourself, question everything and by the time you get ‘a master degree in the subject’ you will know what to look for in a partner and will be ready. He or she might not have a horse or long blond hair but it will be yours happily ever after.


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