Happy and healthy

fruits and veg
We are encouraged to live a normal life, eat healthy, exercise regularly and smile more and some are really doing it even though at times proves to be the most difficult thing. Why?
Because unless you live somewhere on a farm or in a village it’s quite impossible. Besides do you really see yourself living in a village, away from the people and the big city, away from your favourite drive through restaurant? Aren’t you going to miss the shopping malls and all the smell of the city?
People are lured in the big cities with all the possibilities they have to offer. Having a successful career actually means giving up your free time, spending less (if any) time with your family and all for what? To buy a bigger house which you have to pay for the next 20 or something years, to go on better holiday which is still only few days in a year, become a door mat for your boss/manager and colleagues at times just so you get some recognition, to eat take away food as there isn’t any time for proper lunch and dinner…well if you are lucky to get home on time before your local shop closes you might get some…wine and crisps. What a great life! But yes, you will be successful at work and if you manage to keep your job for a little bit longer you might even get promoted to the dream job. Best of luck I would say but I will no longer take part in that rat race. Been there done it, done with it.
Cannot wait to move out of the city and away from the crowds, to buy a small house (not on a mortgage) with a garden where I can grow fruits and vegetables (be independent) and my children to run happily in the fields without a worry (have freedom). Sounds like a dream? Maybe but we just have to brave enough to follow it, after all what’s better than independence, freedom and happiness?


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