Fixing my plumbing

More and more the idea of fixing my plumbing in the early hours of the morning is growing on me…
This morning my wakeup call was the sound of my neighbour’s shoes (high heels) just above my head, I think she was struggling with her outfit as it took a while to pick the right ones. Changing pair after pair….grrrrr I was surprised to find out that each made a different sound on her hardwood floor. Interesting! This time I wasn’t as angry as the day before but really felt sorry for her – middle age single woman trying to find the best outfit (and bloody heels) so she could get noticed. Well I’m not prepared to wait too long for her to find her mate so will either post her pics on some dating site, help her with her clothes and SHOES every morning, or just FIX MY BLOODY PLUMBING. 🙂


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