X or X X

Few years ago when I was still dating sending texts (sms) was the only communication as you really need guts to call someone you met just last night. And what are you going to say????!!!
It’s quite easy now with all free apps on your phone + facebook + skype and the likes but the question always remains: How to initiate the conversation and ultimately invite the subject of your love interest on a date…or something? Ok…it was like ‘ Hi darling’ – that could fluctuate depending on your mood in the morning (texting on the same night would meant you are desperate or you just want sex) and of course as you are not quite sure if you got the name right :), ‘had a lovely time last night’ or better yet ‘ was nice to meet you’ and then you are struggling for the second line..Hmmm..’give me a call sometimes or ‘we should catch up again soon’, good, not too pushy or desperate. But the ending? So you spent 30 min thinking on the two lines and now the most difficult part, you end with x or xx??
Translation: one x – I like you but don’t get too excited
xx – Like you a lot, sounding a bit pushy actually
but x x – I like you and I know the game (what xx means) so let’s just have fun. 🙂

And we’ve got a winner.


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