Friends can forgive

Don’t you just hate when one of your best friends stops calling. Just like that, out of the blue and you just wonder why??…..At first seems ok, you think she/he probably has some issues not worth sharing with you or is very busy is his/her new relationship and naturally you are left behind or is unwell. Luckily the social media proves you wrong, she/he is happy and healthy enjoying life and you – once a best friend is kind of left in the dark, as to what is going on.
Ok, you would say she/he lives far away and one cannot expect the relationship to remain the same as when together, I agree with that but if this is your best friend whom you shared everything with over very long period of time then moves 10000000000000 miles away and you keep in touch pretty much on a daily basis then suddenly there is silence. What should you do? Call to see if the person is ok? But you are sure of that all the pics on FB and the likes are there, so what is it then? The distance? Have you offended him/her or something? Keep wondering…for an year..nothing..Until one day a message is received as if nothing has happened and it is somehow your fault for long silence..Really confused and all I can think of is Why? The truth! Friends can forgive and forget but if you only speak the truth. I’m all ears.


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