Killing others for their faith

Today it’s really difficult to love and to let someone love you as you will be perceived as weak or crazy even. Years ago loving someone from a different class, religion, place, with different believes and background or to have any kind of relation was forbidden, but seems nowadays is no different.
All TV channels and the net are flooded with pictures of people fighting and killing others simply because they believe in something else, have a different faith. But isn’t it all the same? We all worship and believe there is someone superior a ‘divine being’ and just because I call him a different name from you that doesn’t give anybody a licence to kill people.
So sad how many people have lost their lives in a war that seems will never end unless we start loving each other. After all aren’t we all the same? Looking at the picture of two surviving children in the horrific attack in Kenya I want to cry. Did they touch the hearts of the killers? “You are a very bad man” the little boy has told the killers while protecting his wounded mother..and then he was given chocolate bar from the very same man who shot her and was asked for forgiveness???? No! You are not forgiven and never will be neither you nor all those shooting and killing innocent people.
What kind of world we living…


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