Is it worth marrying?

Why do we want to marry when we are perfectly happy with our partner even without it? Is the marriage the only way to show love or we just want some Cinderella version so we could be a prince or a princess for a night?
If you are perfectly happy with your partner, in some cases you even have children together, bought a home so why do you still want to get married?
It’s all great and magical to get married and have this huge ring on your hand, after all this is what celebrities do so naturally you want the same thing. And a super expensive dress and picturesque place for a wedding and…and…and…the list is endless but we don’t even realise that for some this is the beginning of the end. Have you ever though that this maybe is not what your partner wants and pressuring him/her could lead to a breakup?

I have been invited to a wedding next week and meeting the bride groom recently I couldn’t help thinking he’s already had enough. He was happy with the relationship as it was but was pressured to propose and of course marry. If you are in a relationship for 2-3 years that’s what women expect, he says. All the stress around the wedding (preparations have been going for the past 3 months), the venue, the food, the clothes, ring apparently not being big enough has caused such a rift between them so he is almost ready to leave everything…Looking through his eyes I feel his frustration..He is simply sick and tired as life is stressful enough even without the fairy tale wedding, simple ‘I do’ in the registry office won’t do for her or even not having one at all…So is it really worth it? Why would you push your partner in doing something completely unnecessary if things are perfect as they are?
I don’t know his partner well enough but would love to say to her:
Keep your man close and tell him you love him, have your family and create a home for you and your children even without a ring on your hand, with or without the marriage, you already have everything..I hope everything will go ahead next week and they live happily ever after…Will keep you posted.


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