Store security alarm

I´ve always wanted to activate some store security alarm, just like that, without stealing anything of course and today was my lucky day. I was going from a shop to the next to find some shoes for the wedding I am hoping to go next week, having my hand full of shopping bags (well I bought few things which weren´t on the list) when suddenly going out of one set the alarm off. Great..Finally a dream come true hahahah Only though I felt sooooo stupid, it´s beyond words. And I found myself blushing with a trembling voice trying to explain that all the goods in the bags were purchased elsewhere..Well one good thing came out of it, the shop assistants spotted that I bought shoes one being size 4 and the other 6!!! Thank you ladies! Left the shop smiling in the end, after all, a dream came true and saved the additional trip back to the shop to exchange the shoes. Great! All sorted now fingers crossed the wedding will go ahead.


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