Flirting with a stranger

Being in a relationship and flirting with other people is never something you should even consider of doing. I know all the psychiatrists and the like say flirt is harmless and works wonders to your self-esteem or relationship but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Allow me the benefit of the doubt and picture this: a handsome stranger happens to sit close to you and you somehow engage in a friendly chat. After few drinks the conversation shifts between jobs, jokes, family (but not mentioning the partner) and favourite clubs and restaurants etc etc. After few more drinks…well that´s the time where you realise even more how sexy this stranger is and how deep you´ve gotten in this flirt (let’s be honest) and that´s the time where you either exchange numbers, start hugging, snogging etc or you develop a guilty conscience and start talking about your partner, how wonderful this person is…And you just made a laughing-stock out of yourself..why? Simple! Where was this person 5 min ago and why you all of a sudden feel the need to use her/him as an excuse to get out of the situation? Still don’t think it’s stupid? I do.


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