Volunteers in Ambulance services

In the UK National Health Service and Spain (and many other countries) you can find waiters in an ambulance giving first aid…Confused? I had some troubles comprehending that myself..Well here is the whole story: If you are unemployed or have plenty of time in your hands you can choose to complete a first aid course then apply for a job as a volunteer in one of the ambulance services. If you’re successful (90% of the time) you then have to work minimum X hours a week and attend the sick and needy citizens which have no clue that you’re not either a doctor or a nurse putting their lives in your hands. I personally feel cheated and those volunteers a bit deluded.. They have to be honest and tell those people that they are not doctors and are only there to assess them and just give them a ride to the nearest hospital. I say deluded as those people are really wanting to help but have no clue what to do if the patient is really sick and needs proper medical attention..Tell me, how many stories you’ve read about the health services being inefficient and people paying dearly as a consequence? Next time you an ambulance make sure you ask for a real doctor.


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