Vanity unfair

Regardless how hard we try to copy all these incredible looking women in the glossy magazines we’ll never look as good, most of us any way. Their beauty apparently achieved by using numerous cosmetic products and styling is kind of kick in the backside for all of us to buy quite expensive products in a desperate attempt to copy them.
Any woman with a bit of makeup and glossy lips looks great and I for one have never left the house before applying some of my favourite Le Volume de Chanel mascara (love it, love it) and a lip gloss. Ok, I’m a little bit vein..I’m trying not to break the bank and only buy things I (apparently) cannot live without all the rest of my ‘cosmetic’ products are homemade using cider vinegar, soda bicarbonate (baking soda), jojoba and almond oil. Does does wonders for your skin and is cheap as chips.


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