Thanksgiving outfit

holiday outfit
Great outfit for any occasion, not too casual not too formal but classy and cool. Grey trousers are great, slimming (surprisingly) and interesting. Men, stay away from black trousers if you can, find them quite old-fashioned and dull! Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with a colourful scarf and a wide smile, does wonders to any outfit 🙂

Would love to see my man wearing something similar.

Volunteers in Ambulance services

In the UK National Health Service and Spain (and many other countries) you can find waiters in an ambulance giving first aid…Confused? I had some troubles comprehending that myself..Well here is the whole story: If you are unemployed or have plenty of time in your hands you can choose to complete a first aid course then apply for a job as a volunteer in one of the ambulance services. If you’re successful (90% of the time) you then have to work minimum X hours a week and attend the sick and needy citizens which have no clue that you’re not either a doctor or a nurse putting their lives in your hands. I personally feel cheated and those volunteers a bit deluded.. They have to be honest and tell those people that they are not doctors and are only there to assess them and just give them a ride to the nearest hospital. I say deluded as those people are really wanting to help but have no clue what to do if the patient is really sick and needs proper medical attention..Tell me, how many stories you’ve read about the health services being inefficient and people paying dearly as a consequence? Next time you an ambulance make sure you ask for a real doctor.

Pre-New Year resolutions

How difficult is to go out and not drink alcohol or eat meat?! The choice is limited to coca cola or salad in most places. Don’t really fancy any of that..The bars and restaurants could not care less of course “but you can get the chicken out of your salad if you don’t like it” was the suggestion of the day 🙂

Don’t be scared

Your fear is your worst enemy, your prison and curse. Brake the chains which hold you down, wake up from the nightmare which you alone created in your mind, stop judging and you won’t care if you’re being judged and finally not try but BE HAPPY. Love life and everything about it, especially YOU.

To fart or not to fart

We all do but men seem to be proud of it, the louder the better..well the bachelors any way. Farting when in a relationship is a whole different story. You have to suffer an excruciating stomach pain, cramps, trapped air etc as you are too embarrassed to do it in front of your partner women and men alike. The worst thing in new relationship is learning to not fart and be half asleep as you might involuntary let one go. It comes to a point where you wake up after one ‘escapes’ and you are too scared to move thinking you might get caught..After a while you get used to it, you find excused to get up the table during a meal just to check if the front door is locked or you hear strange noise coming from the garden and you need to have a look. After few months however (years in some cases) enough is enough and all of a sudden your partner farts in front of you while doing something and you wonder if she/he really did what you think or you are imagining things..Of course you wouldn’t ask at least not the first time, until happens again and again but by then you’re either used to it or very annoyed. He/she wasn’t like that at the beginning!! Well of course not but do you really want to your partner to be in pain just so you live in fart free environment?! Well as long as you keep the bedroom and the kitchen off limits (you can expand that list 🙂 ) I say let go, believe it or not it will take your relationship to the next level.

Flirting with a stranger

Being in a relationship and flirting with other people is never something you should even consider of doing. I know all the psychiatrists and the like say flirt is harmless and works wonders to your self-esteem or relationship but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Allow me the benefit of the doubt and picture this: a handsome stranger happens to sit close to you and you somehow engage in a friendly chat. After few drinks the conversation shifts between jobs, jokes, family (but not mentioning the partner) and favourite clubs and restaurants etc etc. After few more drinks…well that´s the time where you realise even more how sexy this stranger is and how deep you´ve gotten in this flirt (let’s be honest) and that´s the time where you either exchange numbers, start hugging, snogging etc or you develop a guilty conscience and start talking about your partner, how wonderful this person is…And you just made a laughing-stock out of yourself..why? Simple! Where was this person 5 min ago and why you all of a sudden feel the need to use her/him as an excuse to get out of the situation? Still don’t think it’s stupid? I do.