Unfortunately it’s not the only Thanksgiving where we kill an animal when we ‘celebrate’ something. Not even one family holiday goes without a turkey or lamb on the table and most of us are happily feasting on it without thinking it’s like a sacrifice, only now, we are eating the poor animal probably to feel less guilty (don’t kill it unless you are going to eat it) and then we even have the arrogance to say a grace. Can we actually be grateful and have great family holiday without the slaughter?!


You are interesting

For all sons and daughters:

My sweetheart,

These days your mom and I were looking for something in Google. Before I’ve typed the search term Google suggested few other popular words and phrases. At the top stood “How to keep him interested .”
I was shocked. I reviewed few of the countless articles on how to be sexy, when to bring him a sandwich instead of a beer for ways to make him feel smart and important and I got angry. My love, never has been and never will be your job to “keep him interested.”
Your only task is to know deep in your soul – that strong thing inside you which remains unaffected by rejection, loss or ego – that you’re interesting. If you can remember that every person is unique and interesting, the battle of your life will be largely won. But I’ll leave this letter for another day.
Believe in your own worth, you will be attractive in every sense of the word; you will be able to attract a guy who not only will be able to take an interest, but will be willing to invest his whole life in interesting you.
Sweetheart, what I mean about this guy is he does not need to be kept interested because he will know you are interesting.
I do not care if he puts his elbows on the table during a meal – as long as he watches your nose wrinkles when you smile and he cannot take his eyes off you.
I do not care if he can play golf with me or not – as long as he plays with the children which you will have together, and adores them just as he adores you.
I do not care if he follows his father – it’s enough for me if he follows his own heart which always brings him back to you.
I do not care if he is powerful – as long as he gives you space to exercise the power that is in your heart.
Much less care about who he votes for – as long as he wakes up every morning and votes for you, choosing to respect you and worships you in his heart.
I do not care about his skin colour – as long as he colours your life with brushstrokes of patience, sacrifice, vulnerability and tenderness.
I do not care if he is brought up in one religion or another or none at all as long as he is brought up to appreciate every moment of life and every moment of his life with you is cherished.
Finally, my little one, if you meet a guy like that and it turns out that he and I have nothing in common , we’ll have the one thing which is paramount for both of us: You.
In the end, my baby, the only thing you need to do to “keep him interested ,” is to be yourself .

Yours forever interested in you,

Miss you dad….